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 Detective Agency in Vietnam's prestige Detective Agency detectives Companies Hoang Long. Company with over 10 years of development and formation, has not stopped growing and assert its position in the nation. With a staff lawyer, consultant psychologist and detective work in addition to the fact that now the security officers, who are trained in professional firm, is ready to bring true end online light. The very growth of the company as well as a staff, we are the pioneer in expanding network of spies across the nation. Currently Huanglong detectives took the 40 provinces and cities nationwide.

June 2008 from detective service needs in Vietnam's prestige customers. The company decided to expand the network of its strategic activities to other provinces such as Ha noi, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hung Yen, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Nghe An, Da Nang, Saigon .... Till now has more than 5 years of operation in Vietnam, reputable we are proud to have contributed to uncover the truth for many customers in many different fields. There are people who are very happy now and still in regular contact with us. Because in addition to our detective services also include counseling services, law, protection, bodyguard ...

Office reputable detective services in Vietnam

Why, when there is demand for reputable detective in Vietnam you should choose us?

 Yes, customers, nationwide there are now a lot of detective office to office but not always able to perform the contract in provincial cities outside Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. All companies detectives not afford representation offices in all provinces, if you're still wondering, you should read about how to identify phishing detective office here.
Office detective prestige - Hoang Long in Vietnam, with the operational staff of the fact that those with security operations, has many years experience in the investigation of remote monitoring in the provinces, thus they are active in every unexpected situation. Without experience in the operation in the province, I assure the detective does not do well is by simplifying operations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City completely different from the small town .
If you are in need of hiring a detective prestige in Vietnam Please contact us for a free consultation, service, cost, contract method. If you have questions about distance and time problems we will go to meet you for more convenience in the process of signing a contract. We are committed to refund if the wrong information.

Our services:
Family private detective.
Private detective supervisor.
Private detectives verified.
Private detective searching.
Private detective internal investigation.
DNA detective expertise.
Private detective supervising minors ...
1. professional bodyguard services for organizations and individuals, protecting the client, family members 24/24.
2. Actions investigation to verify the relationship of chong_vo underground. (Catching professional adultery).
3. Monitoring Verification social relationship information and education of children.
4. Search connection Buddies and loved ones lost.
5. Verify clarify and provide information on counterfeiting and piracy.
6. Clarify, verify phone numbers and anonymous letters harassing you and your family.
7. Provide information about the source property.
8. Provide operational equipment newest private detective.
9. Detective services for overseas Vietnamese.
10. Support the law offices nationwide investigation to verify the witness, the personal and legal evidence in court.
11. Supports the same industry in the process of investigation and verification operation in other areas of the country and the region.

Please contact us when needed hotline: 0948.363.080 - 098.204.8844 - Email hoanglongthamtutu@gmail.com

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